The calculator assumes that you own Siyalatas for idle and hybrid builds, and Fragsworth for active builds.

The source code can be found here.


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Save-game output
This experimental functionality is considered cheating. Always backup your original save-game. If you notice problems, please notify me as soon as possible.
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A calculator for Clicker Heroes, by /u/beskhue.

This calculator uses the Rules of Thumb to offer ancient suggestions. The calculator distributes the available hero souls among the available ancients.

See also: /u/Shruikan864's Rules of Thumb 1.0 Spreadsheet and /u/sugima's 1.0 Rules of Thumb.

Data structure is loosely based on the code by /u/philni, which is based on the code by /u/rler, which in turn was based on the original calculator and source from rivsoft. Visit /r/clickerheroes for more info.

What is the easiest method to level ancients?

If you press on the number in the change field, the number changes to a long format and is automatically selected for copying. If you hold "v" when clicking on the corresponding ancient's purchase button, an input field will pop up. Paste the number you just copied into this field, and press "Ok".

Why does the calculator tell me to level Morgulis more than I am able to?

It probably doesn't. If you have the outsider Chor'gorloth leveled, all ancients become cheaper, including Morgulis. This means that one level in Morgulis costs less than one soul when buying in bulk.

After buying the recommended ancients, why do I have more souls left over than the calculator predicts?

Firstly, when you have many souls to spend the calculator will over-estimate the cost of a few ancients with a "difficult" cost formula. This approximation is accurate enough to yield very good recommendations; calculating it precisely often does not actually make a difference in regard to the number of levels recommended. Only the predicted cost becomes more accurate. Secondly, when you have only few souls to spend the predicted cost is accurate as far as the cost formulae go; there appear to be some issues in-game where an ancient sometimes costs one soul less or more than it should.

What does this "best hero will be leveled beyond 8,000" mean?

Level 8,000 is the last level where heroes get a x10 multiplier to their damage. After level 8,000 their damage increase factor is reduced. This affects the optimal distribution of ancient levels. If you level a hero beyond level 8,000 and cannot afford a better hero that has a lower level, then check this box.

What hybrid ratio should I go with?

This depends on your personal play style. A good starting point is to go with a ratio of 0.5. This works well if you usually push at the end of a run. If you notice you do not often push, drop to a lower ratio. If you notice you often push for many zones, go higher. Perhaps you only idle at the very start of an ascension. In that case, going higher than a ratio of 1 makes sense.

2022/10/05Add support for ClickerHeroes' Unity save format. Thanks zuils10!
2019/05/18Update Kumawakamaru's level cap for version 1.0e11.
2018/12/16Slight layout changes and under-the-hood updates.
2018/01/29Implement hard level cap for capped ancients.
2017/11/18Allow selection of desired calculator precision.
2017/11/18Add a dark theme.
2017/11/18Make save-game generation publicly available.
2017/11/18Improve layout.
2017/11/17Add Pluto.
2017/07/22Prepare for upcoming new save game encodings.
2017/05/08Improved layout and added support for small screen sizes. Thanks Stuffbutts!
2017/03/24Added option to ignore ancients that are minimized in the game. Thanks homernh!
2017/02/16Support some older browsers.
2017/02/07Removed the unnecessary "update" button. Changing a setting already automatically triggered an update.
2017/01/26Added ancient soul planner.
2016/12/16Make optimization process adaptive to make optimization quicker.
2016/12/16Add support for very big numbers.
2016/12/09Add advanced configuration options: leveling the auxiliary ancients and reserving hero souls for regilding.
2016/12/08Add ability to copy suggested ancient level changes directly to the clipboard. Thanks emiln!
2016/12/01Improve data model.
2016/11/17Add Nogardnit.
2016/07/26Improve suggestions for the case where Wepwawet will be leveled beyond level 8,000.
2016/07/02Add FAQ.
2016/07/01Add adjustable hybrid ratio.
2016/06/20Implemented much better cost approximation.
2016/06/20Implemented quicker and more precise formulae.
2016/06/17Update rule for Kumawakamaru.
2016/06/16Display TP reward cap zone.
2016/06/16Remove Solomon leveling at TP cap based on new calculations.
2016/06/16Implemented Solomon leveling at TP cap.
2016/06/16Support Atman and Kumawakamaru pre-transcendence (note that optimal RoTs still need to be devised for these ancients).
2016/06/16Add method to underlevel Solomon.
2016/06/16Solomon calculation is now correct pre-transcendence.
2016/06/15Implement easier copying of ancient level changes.
2016/06/15If Morgulis is not owned, keep a soul bank.
2016/06/15Further improvements to optimization speed. Notably, optimization (for high HS) now runs in constant time.
2016/06/15Now correctly takes into account HS requirement to upgrade Siyalatas.
2016/06/15Optimization when there are a lot of HS to distribute is now significantly faster.
2016/06/14Added support for hybrid and active builds.
2016/06/14Initial release.